AKC Breeder of Merit

We breed with high hopes of producing our next champion so with each litter there may be beautiful examples of the breed available as family pets.  We breed one or two litters per year on average. Our dogs are family first and we do not have older dogs available.

MahaRaja Bernese Mountain Dogs

Committed to making informed breeding decisions

We complete health tests for Heart, Eye, Hip, Elbow, vonWillebrands and Degenerative Myelopathy A and B.


Health info on our dogs can be found in the Berner-Garde open database ID #14050

We believe there is much work to be done to increase the longevity of the BMD and our dogs participate in studies by donating saliva, blood and tissue samples to research through the Berner-garde Foundation. 

We are also participating in a Hystiocytic Sarcoma DNA sequencing project with 2 of our healthy, almost 11 year old girls. The Ostrander laboratory at the National Human Genome Research Institute of the NIH is investigating the genetics of histiocytic sarcoma (HS) in the Bernese Mountain Dog.